Hallie J Stern 

Film Producer and Founder of The Bearcat Banter

Ryan is my go to guy when I’m looking for a plan of action, business breakdown, or even a guide to check in with while growing my productions. My latest venture, BearCat TV, a channel in association with YouTube studios, is the result of working with Ryan and breaking down my plan in a cohesive manner that I can execute tangibly.

There is no project Ryan can’t handle, from meeting me every step of the way, to fixing my un-repairable computer crash, and I will continue to work with Ryan through my launch and beyond. There is truly nobody quite like him.

Dan Schneider

Executive Director,

Florence Belsky Foundation

President at Big Shoes Media

Ryan Adams is our Foundation’s go-to-guy when it comes to tech! He is very intelligent, analytic and a great listener. He always listening for what you want to get done, excited to provide you with multiple options, and able to clearly communicate the action steps necessary to achieve stated goals.He has a talent for demystifying technology and explaining it to Baby Boomers who are not as tech savvy as he is.

I have known Ryan for many years, and seen him dive into countless projects with the same passion, focus, and method without losing steam. He is adaptable to the many different industries and demographics which the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation focuses on, so he is able to engage our advisors at every event.

Ryan helped our foundation with its transition to digital engagement and we saw the number of our advisors grow by nearly 25% year over year. His instinct for business and good judgment in growth decisions has saved us thousands of dollars as well as time. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Ryan and I look forward to doing so in the future.

Tommy Head

Founder and CEO,

Childhood Cancer Society

After talking to Ryan about my non-profit, the Childhood Cancer Society, he suggested we sit down and have a talk about how he might be able to help it grow. After that short meeting, I left energized by Ryan’s passion ... and with a specific fundraising plan, focused on board building.

Ryan checked in to see how the plan was going and followed up a few weeks later with another idea to raise more money for the kids: a promo video and a series of articles highlighting the work of CCS. He built a team for me, set the deadlines and expectations and then made it happen, all with a limited budget. Ryan has a talent for leveraging small resources into big results.

Since his involvement, we have surpassed our fundraising goal of $30,000. He is using his digital savvy now to help us raise even more in the coming year.

Simply put, Ryan has a knack for understanding what you need before you need it, and making sure you get that so you can reach your goal.

Jerelyn Rodriguez

Co-Founder and CEO of The Knowledge House | Forbes #30Under30

Ryan is super diligent and resourceful. For our consultation, he came prepared with solutions for the challenges my org was having around marketing and fundraising. During our time together, Ryan listened to my concerns and followed up with notes on lots of resources and services I could access to improve my outreach strategy. I was so impressed by his timely and thoughtful follow up. Ryan is an expert in using digital tools to communicate with various stakeholders. I learned a lot from his presentation on how organizations can manage their outreach with a suite of online tools. I look forward to keep working with Ryan to improve or outreach strategy and learn more from his experience.
Executive Director of The New Shul

I have worked with Ryan Adams for over a year. He has helped our organization immensely through his expertise in marketing, PR, strategy, budgeting, logistics, event planning, SEO, teaching and client support...I could keep going but it’s clear to me and everyone in the organization who knows Ryan that he clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience and knows how to use it to maximize successful outcomes. Even more important to me is Ryan’s abundant enthusiasm for everything he does and towards everyone with whom he interacts. He is a highly valued contributor to our organization.

Karume James

Staff Attorney at the Bronx Defenders

Founder of Karume James Consulting

Ryan has had a deep impact on my life and has been an incredible resource for me personally and professionally.

I work as an attorney, but recently have started working in artist management and launched a coaching business. Ryan has helped me develop and clarify goals on digital marketing, branding, and social media strategy with my artist and in my business. Not only was he incredibly thoughtful and knowledgeable, he really worked to understand the larger vision in both areas of my work, give me very useful, practical and could be immediately implemented.

His insight led to a complete re-branding process with my artist, and helped lay the groundwork for me to launch my business within months of meeting him. If you really want a consultant/strategist/operations guru in your corner to help you accomplish your vision, HZQ Consulting and Ryan Adams are the way to go. Without question.

Patrick Jordan

Queens Outreach Coordinator at Office of the New York City Public Advocate

NYSYD President

Ryan’s input on NYSYD’s social media as well as technological operations has been crucial to our plans this year. On a tight budget and with little time his strategic thinking has helped us make minor changes that greatly improved our outreach operations. Nearly doubling the number of people we had following our Facebook page and going to our website in the span of just less than 30 days.

The fantastic part is that Ryan started the conversation realizing the issues we were facing without my even asking. He approached me and we just went on from there quickly finding solutions to the problems we had not realized could be fixed simply as well as effectively. This was all done with ease and comfort, it made Ryan excellent to work beside.

I look forward to opportunity to present itself for us to work together again.

Jonah Bernstein

CEO of PillarSales

Software Engineer at WoofBot

Ryan is a rare commodity; he is an adept problem solver, creative, technically adept, passionate and focused - and all the other things that highly motivated type A’s usually are. But what sets him apart is how he is ability to work well with and inspire others. He is as well-liked as he is intelligent. He is enjoyable to work with, and cares about the success of the teams he works with. His insights and resolve made a major impact both to us and to the organization as a whole.

Successful Projects

  • Lead as Product Manager of outsourced team of marketers, developers, and business analysts during full life cycle (vision to beta launch) of development for an event attendance web/mobile app.

  • Leveraged user personas and A/B testing for optimization of non-profit’s outreach strategy, surpassing metrics with 25% more site activity and a 50% increase in newsletter conversions.

  • Increased revenue by 133% for an established technology consulting firm, by leading re-branding effort from IT support towards outsourced CTO services.

  • Generated over three thousand (3,000+) qualified leads for an early stage marketing automation SaaS startup, by designing a growth plan that targeted ideal customers using web crawlers.

  • Crafted pitch book for a pre-Investment Bitcoin startup that raised twenty five thousand plus dollars ($25,000+) as an initial investment by targeting early adopters of new technologies as angel investors.

  • Restructured operations for a private equity firm, through outsourcing initial due diligence work and setting up a cloud-based infrastructure, that allowed the recently started fund to save an annual $80,000+ in operating costs.

  • Researched and developed pitch book and marketing campaign for socially conscious craft beer startup.

  • Designed social media campaigns, around ‘newsjacking’ strategy, for kickstarter-esque campaign site.

  • Created anonymous internet identity stack for journalists and organizers to use to avoid having their activities tracked.

  • Drafted a referral program to double leads at half customer acquisition cost for an early-stage human resource startup, after performing a full marketing audit and data analysis that lead to changes with would lower customer acquisition cost, develop ideal customer profile, and establish efficient marketing channels. 

Un-Successful Projects

I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.
— Thomas Edison

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