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Ryan Adams, CEO

After completing a Masters of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School, Ryan Adams founded HZQ Consulting. He spends his “off-time” advising causes and candidates who are working to make the world a better place. He serves on the board of the Emergency Shelter Network of Faith-Based Communities of New York City (ESN-NYC), on the junior board of Citizens Committee for New York City (CCNYC), the advisory board of the New Shul of NYC, and is the co-founder of the New York State Education Initiative (NYSEI).

In short, Ryan Adams is concerned with progress, profits, and prophets.

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Johnny Gabriele, COO

With a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology from NYU, Johnny is HZQ’s human capital expert. Having spent countless hours interviewing consumers around the country for various fortune 500 brands, He has honed the craft of parsing the truth out of people’s words and understanding their deeper motivations.

In his spare time, Johnny enjoys creating “out there” products for niche markets and reading/watching stories that celebrate grit.

His current weird product is Charlie Cat, the world's first 3D cat-shaped dessert mold. You should totally check it out. 

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André-Jacques de Beer, Product developer

Originally from South Africa and raised in the U.S.A., Jacques has an appreciation for solving problems that exist on a global scale.  His unique background is as both a formally trained Mechanical Engineer (Columbia University) and Management Engineer (Pitzer College). Regardless of the application, Jacques believes that all great products start with the end-user in mind.  Jacques has been active in the product development world since 2011, when he founded his first mobile application, Swagr, and has been assisting others to do the same ever since. 

His apps have been globally featured on the iOS and Android app stores, though he now focuses mostly on web applications and physical products. You can learn more about Jacques at ajdebeer.com.